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Fleet Week at Living Classrooms Foundation Marina

Get ready to set sail on an adventure with Fleet Week in Baltimore, Maryland. This year Fleet Week & Flyover Baltimore is bringing a celebration of maritime history and aerial spectacle from June 12th to 18th. Living Classrooms Foundation Marina is the perfect place to be to immerse yourself in all the festivities Fleet Week has to offer.

What It’s All About

Maryland Fleet Week & Flyover Baltimore is more than just a spectacle, it’s a tribute to the rich heritage of marina life in Baltimore. This year’s week-long lineup includes ship tours, flyovers, community festivals, and educational activities.

The exciting event transforms the city into a maritime playground, showcasing the might and majesty of naval vessels from around the world. There will be a welcome ceremony to kick off the celebration right at the Inner Harbor Amphitheater. Visitors will be able to explore warships, submarines, and more up close and personal. There’s also opportunity for STEM activities, where children can learn more about career paths in technology and uniformed services.

But it’s more than just the ships, the skies come alive with inspiring aerial displays centered over Inner Harbor from June 15th to 16th. The talented pilots of military branches take their aircraft to the sky to perform entertaining flyover shows, showcasing the cutting-edge capabilities of military technology.

There’s also a ton of fun happening. There are multiple festival zones throughout Baltimore that include live music, food and drink vendors, and more. Check out Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, Fells Point, and Martin State Airport for exciting events all weekend long.

Learning Meets Leisure

Right in the heart of all the excitement of Fleet Week is Living Classrooms Foundation Marina. Located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, the Living Classrooms Foundation's Crossroads School offers an opportunity for visitors to dive deeper into the maritime world while enjoying the festivities.

The docks in the Harbor aren’t just a place to passively observe, Living Classrooms Foundation will have interactive experiences that engages visitors of all ages. There are so many hands-on activities to enjoy. You can step aboard the USS Constellation, explore the wonders of marine life at Frederick Douglas-Isaac Myers Maritime Park, or take in the sights of Chesapeake Bay from the docks.

An Unforgettable Experience

Combining the excitement of Maryland Fleet Week with the Baltimore waterfront creates an experience that is truly unforgettable. Whether you’re a history buff, an enthusiast of marina life, or looking for a fun day with the family, joining us for this celebration has something special for everyone.

History lovers will be able to delve into the past by exploring the historic vessels in the Harbor and learn about the crucial role they played in the nation’s history. Aspiring sailors can experience interactive exhibits and gain valuable insight into life on the high seas. Families looking to take in the sights and sounds of Fleet Week can enjoy the unparalleled views from the marina and enjoy the festival in style.

Join the Celebration

As Maryland Fleet Week & Flyover Baltimore takes center stage in our city once again, there’s no better place to join the celebration. This year Living Classrooms Marina is offering 20% off dockage for the event. Secure your slip with us and use code LCFLEET20 at checkout to take advantage of this discount. Gather your crew and set sail with us for a unique maritime experience. Book your slip at Living Classrooms Marina today and get ready for an incredible adventure!

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