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Stay for a day, Stay for a while.

Looking for a new home for your boat? Or visiting our beautiful city and want to stay at one of the best spots, with easy access to all that Baltimore has to offer?

We'd love to see you! Below is information regarding our rates. 

Annual/Long Term Rates:


Annual 50’ - $8,700 

Annual 40’ - $6,700


  • $30/ft April 1st – October 31st

  • $15/ft November 1st – March 31st

Transient Rates: 

                                  Default Rate       Weekend Rate
<30'                                 $75.00                 $3.00/ft               
31-43'                              $2.50/ft               $3.00/ft
44-52'                             $2.50/ft               $3.00/ft
53-84'                             $2.50/ft               $3.00/ft

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